If you are like the majority of my patients, you are here because you have some orthopedic or spinal problem. If there is nothing bothering you, you would probably not be here. I am sure that you could find a more pleasant place to spend some time than in a doctor’s office or on his web site. If you are like some patients with an orthopedic or spinal problem, you may be truly suffering from your condition. It may be severe pain, it may be a restriction from doing the things that you like to do, it may be from a traumatic injury or a progressive deformity; but most of you are going through a hardship of one form or another.

As a board certified orthopedic surgeon and a fellowship-trained spinal surgery sub-specialist, it is my privilege to see you and to try to help you. The majority of my patients do have some underlying physical condition from which they are suffering, and we can often help them. I have spent years in medical school, residency and spinal fellowship. I have traveled throughout the country to keep up to date on the most recent advances in spinal surgery. I have been honored to publish articles and present lectures on spinal surgery to both lay-people as well as other spinal surgeons. I have dedicated myself to developing the expertise to treat you for the orthopedic or spinal problem from which you are suffering. With all the innovations in minimally invasive spinal surgery becoming available, it is an exciting time to be a spinal surgeon. With all that being said, however, the single thing that I have learned that I am most grateful for is the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. There is no problem too great for Him in my life or yours.

I have learned that being a Christian does not mean that you will live a life free from hardship. It does not mean that everything is going to be free and easy and handed to you. Some of the best known Christians had to endure a tremendous amount of hardship in their lives. What being a Christian does mean is that you are not alone. Christians live in the world, but are not of the world. I have noted in my practice that patients with great faith seem to suffer less and recover better than those without, regardless of the physical ailment they have. Perhaps this is because of the hope of eternal life in heaven they have.


Consider the man in the picture. He is truly surrounded by a tremendous storm, which in some ways can represent a hardship that we may be facing. It is interesting to note that despite this man’s surroundings, he does not seem to be concerned at all. If he was alone in the water, he would likely not survive. He is unconcerned, not because of his own strength; but rather because of his faith in the strength of the foundation of the fortress he is standing on. Jesus Christ is that perfect foundation that we can stand on in times of hardship. He is all powerful and created the heavens and the earth; he is all loving and loves you very much. He truly wants the very best for you and will never leave or forsake you. No hardship is too great for him, and nothing you can do will make him love you any less. The scripture represents God’s revelation to man. For me, the scripture gives great hope and instruction about how we are to live our lives as well as deal with adversity.

This document lists passages in scripture which I believe have relevance to someone going through hardship such as you may be experiencing; I encourage you to read them and even to print the document for your reference. Please consider what they say and the promises they contain. I pray you will find hope, guidance and comfort in them just as I have.

In Christ,
Edward Hellman, M.D.

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