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Edward Hellman, M.D.

Spinal Surgery


Brief CV


Dr. Hellman serves the South Georgia region as an orthopedic and spinal surgery sub-specialist. In an effort to provide the finest in specialized spinal care to his patients, Hellman has gone on to receive additional training in spinal surgery by completing a fellowship in spinal surgery beyond his residency, and then went on to become double board certified in both the fields of orthopedic surgery and spinal surgery. This extra training has prepared Dr. Hellman to perform a wide variety of spinal surgeries from the complex spinal deformities such as scoliosis to emerging spinal surgeries such as the artificial disc replacement and endoscopic LASER disc surgery. Dr. Hellman’s goal is to bring the highest level of spinal care to the residents of South Georgia – the same level of care they would receive if they traveled several hours to a major university spinal center-but with the convenience of being close to home. In addition to Dr. Hellman’s extensive education and training, he has also published articles and presented lectures on spinal surgeries to both lay-people as well as other surgeons.


Brief, Reverse Chronological CV-


Has practiced in South Georgia Region for 13 years

Highlights/Memberships including:

Current Partner at Georgia Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Clinic

Where he heads the Spinal Division

Began the Spine & Scoliosis Center at Georgia Sports, a

Tertiary Spinal Surgery Practice Serving a 30 County area in South Georgia

Member, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Board-Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery
In 2000 and Recertified in 2010

Member, North American Spine Society and Prior

Faculty Presenter

Member, American College of Spinal Surgery

Board-Certified by the American Board of Spinal Surgery as
a Spinal Surgery Sub-Specialist

On Staff at Tifton Regional Medical Center where he has served as:

Chairman, Department of Surgery (2008)
Secretary/Treasurer of Medical Staff (2009)
Vice Chairman/Chairman Elect of Medical Staff (2010-11)
Chairman, Professional Review Committee (2010)
Member, Ethics Committee (2010)
Member, Medical Executive Committee (2008-2010)
Member CPOE Committee (2010)
Member, Physician Leadership Committee (2010)
President/Chief of Staff Tifton Regional Medical Center (2012)

Tifton Regional Medical Center, a Small 190 Bed Medical Center with

Just 2 Spinal Surgeons on Staff was Rated in the Top 10 (#4) Hospitals in
Georgia to have Spinal Surgery by Georgia Trend Magazine in 2010 and in 2011 (#10)

Member, International Spine Intervention Society Member, Georgia Orthopedic Society

Has served as official and unofficial consultant with
A variety of spinal instrumentation companies
Working on projects to refine their instrumentation systems

Was selected as one of 20 practices in the US to participate

In an FDA validation trial for the Solitaire Anterior
Lumbar implant for Degenerative Disc Disease

Has introduced many newer, less invasive alternatives in neck and back

surgery to South Georgia including:


Percutaneous, endoscopic lumbar discectomy
Laparascopic Anterior Inter-Body Fusion
Intradiscal Electro-Thermoplasty
Artificial Disc Replacement, Lumbar Spine
Artificial Disc Replacement, Cervical Spine
BAK Cage Cervical Implant System
Solitaire Implant System for Degenerative Disc Disease

Produced a Surgical Technique Video Demonstrating

How to Implant Solitaire Lumbar Implant used
for training other spinal surgeons

Has Co-Authored a Chapter in a surgical technique manual

For the Scoliosis Research Society

Has Co-Authored a chapter regarding surgical outcomes in

spinal surgery published in the
Orthopedic Clinics of North America

Serves on 6 member board of directors of Sherwood Movie Ministry, Inc.

Sherwood Pictures has produced the movies Flywheel, Facing the Giants,
and Fireproof (Courageous coming to theaters 9/30/11)

One of the originators of Loop the Lake 5K run


Team Physician Tift High School

Football Team 2007-Present

Patient Choice Award 2008 and 2009 and 2011


Recognized by being listed in

“Guide to America’s Top Orthopedists” 2011


Leathermann Spinal Surgery Fellowship performed in Louisville, Kentucky at The Spine Institute

in association with the University of Louisville, Norton Hospital,
and Kosair Children’s Hospital
Extensive exposure to degenerative, traumatic, and developmental
conditions of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
trained under 5 nationally renowned spinal surgeons:
Drs. Johnson, Puno, Glassman, Campbell, and Dimar


Completed Orthopedic Surgical Residency Program

at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Exposed to extensive trauma experience as Northwestern housed the

Midwest Spinal Injury Unit run by Dr. Paul Meyer (author of the Textbook of Spinal Trauma) and also rotated as senior
resident at Cook County Hospital on their fracture service

Exposed to extensive sports/spinal experience, as Northwestern had

the team physicians for the Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs,
Bears, and the Northwestern Wildcats on staff

Exposed to spinal deformity surgery through adult cases, but

also through rotations at Childrens Memorial Hospital where he
served as chief resident under Drs. Tachjdian (author of the Textbook of Pediatric Orthopedics), Sarwark, Grayhack,
Dias, and Carroll

Exposed to some of the latest advances in spinal surgery under multiple

faculty, including Dr. Michael Shafer, program chairman;
including thoracoscopic spinal surgery and the use of the stealth
computerized navigation system used in spinal surgery

Orthopedic In-Training Exam 100th percentile as senior resident (>3200 took test)


Graduated with MD after 4 years from the University of Illinois

AOA Honor Medical Society as Third Year Student
Thomas Reeves Award given to a “top” third year student
Boards Score in 98th Percentile
Winner of State of Illinois General Assembly Scholarship

1984-1988 Graduated with BS from Western Michigan University

Major in Biomedical Science
Major in Philosophy
Minor in Chemistry
Top Student (Presidential Scholar) Biomedical Science Dept
Top Student (Presidential Scholar) Philosophy Dept
Played 4 Years of Division I College Basketball
Team Captain 3 Consecutive Seasons
MAGB Award (given to top 2 students at each Univ. in Michigan)
Two time, first team Academic All-MAC Performer
WMU Male Scholar Athlete of the Year
PES, ALD Honor Fraternities, Mortar Board, Pre-professional Award
“Buck” Reid Award, Senior Award, MIP Award
National Collegiate Mens’ Athletic Association Award
Various other awards

V. Papers/Presentations “Clinical Outcome Following Pan-Arthrodesis of the Wrist Using a Dynamic Compression Plate” by Hellman, Nagle and Foley.

“Spontaneous Resolution of Curvatures in Juvenile Idiopathic Scoliosis” by Sarwark et al. (incl Hellman) presented at 1997 annual meeting of the Scoliosis Research Society.
“Minimally Invasive Technique for the Treatment of Spinal Fractures” by Hellman. Presented at PPER Conf.
“Clinical Outcome Following Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Fusions in the Adult Patient” by Hellman, Glassman, and Dimar. Orthopedic Clinics of North America 29:4, 859-69.
“New Advances in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery” by Hellman, presented at SWGXRT Conf.
“New Advances in Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery” by Hellman presented at PGKC meeting.
“Anterior Spinal Instrumentation for Scoliosis Using the Synergy Spine System” by Puno and Hellman. Spinal Instrumentation Techniques, Volume II of the Scoliosis Research Society, 1998.
“Comparison of Rigid verses Semi-Rigid Anterior Instrumentation in Scoliosis” by Hellman et al. Presented at the 1998 annual meeting of the North American Spine Society.
“Balloons for Bones, Osteoporosis, and You” by Hellman, presented at SCC Center.
“On Field Management of the Spinal Injured Athlete” by Hellman, presented at PPMH Sports Fellowship Program Conference for trainers and coaches.
“Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgical Options in Cancer Patients with Metastatic Disease to the Vertebrae” Tifton, GA 2007
“The Use of Inter-Spinous Process Devices in Spinal Surgery” by Hellman, Southeastern Regional Spine Conference Camilla, GA 2007
“Common Spinal Problems and Modern Advances in Their Treatment”by Hellman,
Tifton/University of Georgia Conference Center July 2010
“Common Spinal Problems and Modern Advances in Their Treatment” by Hellman,
Lake Blackshear Resort, March, 2011

VI. Meetings

Management of Complex Fractures- Monterey, CA 1994.
Masters Course- Arthroscopic Knee Surgery- Orthopedic Learning Center, 1995.
Masters Course-Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery- Orthopedic Learning Center, 1995
International Seminar on Pediatric Orthopedics-Chicago, IL 1996
Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons- San Francisco, CA
Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (faculty presenter)- San Fransisco, CA 1998.
Percutaneous LASER Discectomy Workshop- San Fransisco, CA 1998
Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Workshop (AAOS)- St. Louis, MO 1999
Ray Cage Fusion Workshop- Atlanta GA 1999
Percutaneous LASER Discectomy Workshop- Orlando, FL 1999
BAK Cage Fusion Workshop- Minneapolis, MN 1999
Endoscopic Discectomy Workshop Memphis, TN 1999
Intradiscal Electrothermoplasty (IDET) Workshop Orlando, FL 2000
Basic and Advanced Concepts in the Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fractures-
Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty- Tampa, FL 2000
Kyphon/Kyphoplasty Meeting- New Orleans, LA 2000
Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society- New Orleans, LA 2000
Minimal Access Spine Workshop- Memphis, TN 2001
BAK Cervical Cage Workshop- Los Angelos, CA 2001
Kyphoplasty Workshop- Stanford, CA 2002
Advances in Spinal Surgery (faculty panel member)- Bahamas- 2002
Minimal Access Spinal Technology Course-Memphis, TN 2003
Minimal Access Spinal Technology Course- Atlanta, GA 2003
Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society- Montreal, Canada 2002
Techniques Workshop, Cervical Instrumentation- Montreal, Canada 2002
Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society- San Diego, CA 2003
Technique Workshop, Interventional Pain Management-Epidural Steroid Injections- San Diego, CA 2003
Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society- Chicago, IL 2004
Symposium on Charite’ Artificial Disc Replacement- Chicago, IL 2004
Training Course, Charite’ Artificial Disc Replacement- Cincinnatti, OH 2004
Training Course, Charite’ Artificial Disc Replacement- Columbus, OH 2004
Training Course, Principles of Dynamic Stabilization- Santa Monica, CA 2005
Training Course, Optimesh Vertebral Augmentation- Atlanta, GA 2005
Key-Opinion Leader Meeting, DePuy Spine- Atlanta, GA 2005
Training Course, X-stop Vertebral Decompression System- Orlando, FL 2006
Training Course, Pro-Disc Lumbar Disc Replacement- Denver, Co 2007
Training Course, Prestige Cervical Disc Replacement- Memphis, TN 2007
Training Course, Trans-1 Fusion Technique- Austin, TX 2007
North American Spine Society Annual Meeting- Austin, TX 2007
Consultant, Scient’x Spine 2007, study group for refinement of PLIF & Scoliosis Instrumentation Systems
Training Course, Trans-1 Fusion Technique- Tampa , FL 2008
AAOS and SRS Meeting Advancement in the Treatments of Scoliosis and Spinal Deformtiy- Dallas, Texas- 2008
Fl 2009 (Case Presenter)
Annual Meeting, North American Spinal Society, Orlando 2010
Board Recertification, ABOS 2010
Site Visit, Dr. Eckman, minimally invasive spinal surgery pioneer, Tupelo, Mississippi, 2011
Annual Meeting, Scoliosis Research Society, Louisville, Kentucky 2011
Endoscopic Discectomy Workshop Atlanta, 2011
Extreme lateral interbody workshop, Atlanta 2012
Perc 360 Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Workshop Miami, 2012
VII. Memberships/Certifications

Board certified by American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons
Board certified by American Board of Spinal Surgery
Member of American College of Spinal Surgery
Member, AO Spine
Member of Georgia Orthopedic Society
Member International Spinal Interventional Society

Contact Info

Phone: 229.386.5222
Email: ehellmanmd@thespineandscoliosiscenter.com

Patient Resources

Get information about a variety of spinal conditions in our virtual library; it's a virtual library that allows patients to learn more about these conditions and more:

  • Spinal Conditions
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Scoliosis

Conditions & Treatments

Our team specializes in complex spinal conditions with advanced techniques such as:

  • Less invasive back surgery, including X-Stop for spinal stenosis
  • Artificial disc replacement for neck and back pain
  • Scoliosis surgery for severe curvature