Dr. Hellman trials new device for neck surgery

April 03, 2012 by staff

Dr. Hellman trials new implant for spinal surgery of the neck Dr. Hellman became one of the first surgeons in the region to trial a new device for spinal surgery in the neck. The device is implanted in the disc space and is used for the surgical treatment of patients with degenerative or herniated discs. “There is a procedure known as an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion which traditionally involves removing the painful disc and fusing the bones together using a bone wedge from a cadaver (bone bank) and a plate with screws. In select cases, this device can replace having to do such a surgery. It is inserted into the disc space itself and no plate or bone wedge is needed. In the appropriately selected patient, I believe it is a major advance over current technology we have to offer our patients undergoing spinal surgery of the neck,” states Dr. Hellman.